22 November 2010

How To Know You're In Love

If you think you might be in love, read this article to check if it's the Real Thing. Use it to determine if you really are in love, and how long this feeling will last.
1.     Step 1: Early Symptoms
In the first flush of love, you will want to know everything about your partner.
Who he is,
What she thinks,
What makes him laugh.
You feel bad when she feels bad. You want to cheer her up because you can't help it, not because you feel you ought to.
You can't remember what you ever saw in your ex, and even being near them feels like a betrayal of your new love.
And you don't notice beautiful girls throwing themselves at you.
2.     Step 2: Hazards
If you're in love, the physical safety of you and those around you may be at risk.
Watch out for hazards such as:
An inability to perform even the simplest of tasks.
Not being to able to concentrate on any job you've been given.
And not noticing anything or anyone around you.

When you're apart, you may find that you can't stop thinking about her, as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. She pops into your head for no reason, and you keep wondering what she's up to.
And, just occasionally, you let your imagination run away with you.
3.     Step 3: Movie Love
It feels like you're in a movie. But this movie has a romantic beginning, middle and end. There is no iceberg. It's going to be happily ever after, forever and ever. It's happening to you, and it's REAL.
So don't worry, there's no danger of a camera crew stopping the action and interfering just at the wrong moment.
4.     Step 4: Ignoring the negatives
No one's perfect, and you know this about your new love. But you find those quirks of his charming. You're willing to put up with her boring family.
You love spending time with her, regardless of what you're doing. And you don't mind compromising or missing other nights out.
5.     Step 5: Will it last?
It's looking good so far… but will those feelings fade with time? It may be impossible to predict the future, but you can ask yourself a few key questions:
Can you be yourself with her?
Does he still love you when you're at your worst?
Does she make you feel good about yourself?
Do you find that you don't need to test his loyalty?
Would you feel the same if she got fat?
Or he was destitute?
If most of the answers are yes, it sounds like love.