23 Februari 2011

Sometimes you walk past a pretty girl on the street and there's something beyond beauty in her face, something warm and smart and sensual and inviting, and in the three seconds you have to look at her, you actually fall in love, and in those moments, you can actually know the taste of her kiss, the feel of her skin against yours, the sound of her laugh, how she'll look at you and make you whole. And then she's gone, and in the five seconds afterwards, you mourn her loss with more sadness than you'll ever admit to.

There comes a point where you just love someone. Not because they're good, or bad, or anything really. You just love them. It doesn't mean you'll be together forever. It doesn't mean you won't hurt each other. It just means you love them. Sometimes in spite of who they are, and sometimes because of who they are. And you know that they love you, sometimes because of who you are, and sometimes in spite of it.~ Laurell K. Hamilton 'Anita Blake: Incubus Dreams'

‎" Jangan terlalu menyayangi seseorang, kelak kita akan membencinya. Jangan pula terlalu membenci seseorang, kelak kita akan menyayanginya."

selama ini, kata-kata itu hanyalah kata-kata belaka.... adakah ia benar dan jujur seperti yang dikata... atau hanya untuk menyedapkan hati sahaja. mungkin kadang-kadang kita lupa... atau buat-buat lupa... kerana kita tahu... ianya hanyalah tipu belaka. kita takut..... kerana kejujuran itu amatlah pahit,.... pahit untuk ditelan..... tolonglah, berhenti menyebut 3 perkataan itu, sekiranya kau tak maksudkannya.